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Important Information: You start out as level 120, you dont lose items, you dont need an AoL, you cant get below level 120, you get exactly 1 platinum coin for killing a player, and if your not the super war type, you could hunt demons instead (low spawn) or hunt mercenaries down (mini bosses that drop 20 - 80 platinum coins and they could appear on any map)

We have:

Fusion System (Fuse two items to get a better one) Upgrade System (Upgrade your weapons to become stronger) Raids Custom Bosses that use special spells! Custom Spells level 140 - 500 for ALL vocations! 10 All levels map to war in Three 120 - 140 leveled map to PvP in A reborn system (You need 410 to reborn, 450 for greater rebirth, and 500 for ultimate rebirth, you get better items if you reborn at a higher level) A small demon spawn for under 150 levels A small orc spawn for above 150 levels (1.5x more exp than demons) A small lizard spawn for above 200 levels (2.5x more exp than demons) A mining system for when your tired of killing people


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